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is to raise diabetes awareness in the community by educating, supporting, and advocating.


to educate the community on the importance of diabetes management, medication, self-care, wellness and nutrition.


to improve our community support system by advocating.




Meet Michael Roberson: Michael was diagnosed at 7 years old with type 1 diabetes, now 28 years old. Michael experienced extreme thirst, constant urination, and loss of weight. He shares that his diabetes is well- managed. His last A1C was 7.8. Micheal was asked how well he feels educated about diabetes; his response, “I have taken courses and read several books related to type 1 diabetes; however, I have over 20 years of experience so I guess you could say I am a Diabetic Vet. Micheael does not have any family members with type 1 diabetes but type 2 diabetes runs on both parent’s side.


Best Practices


  • Drink lots of water (It helps lower and/or maintain your existing blood sugar. 

  • Hit the gym (It'll boost your mood)

  • Get a CGM (All of the research that I have done has concluded that having a CGM dramatically changing your diabetes management)

  • Follow other diabetics on social media (The online diabetic community is so helpful and super supportive!)

  • Please follow Glucose Gang for more on Type 1 Diabetes!


Lastly, Micheal shares his feelings towards the lack of diabetes education.

I feel that the educational resources within the diabetic space don't reach the people that need them the most.


Michael Roberson, NC


T1DJ January Featured Spotlight

Michael Roberson, NC


I was diagnosed at the age of 12 years old, now 18.

My passion is a driving force in my life and I will never allow a challenge to get in the way of achieving my dreams.  When I was diagnosed I knew  this challenge would be a part of my life. 

Antanique Lee-
Cincinnati, Ohio

I have had type 1 since age 7; diagnosed and treated at CCHMC. Today, I have an insulin pump to better control and 2 awesome  kids. It can definitely be helpful for people to see that with a little work,  life can be fairly normal for type 1's.

Christina Hood
Cincinnati, Ohio
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