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Meet Qiana-


Qiana was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes late July year 2000. She experienced excessive thirst, constant urination (10x a day), blurred vision, and weight loss. She shares, “after a long struggle with Diabulimia and accepting the responsibility I had in the management of my blood sugars, I was able to develop a better relationship with my diabetes. My A1C was once a 13 and today it stays within a 5.8- 6.4 range.

Best Practices

I know it's cliche to say but as simple as it sounds- it is still a chore that we can't ignore: "CHECK YOUR BLOOD SUGAR " upon rising and before and after meals. This is going to help you collect the details needed on how certain foods affect your blood sugar, and then you are able to tweak your diet or simply choose to eat the foods that support better blood glucose levels. Knowing that blood sugar number is your point of reference for the next right decision or move for your day. Also, experiment with different foods. You may not be able to go all in on the Mac & Cheese like you can on the collard greens for special occasions, but have you ever had Faux Mac and cheese (where you substitute the pasta with cauliflower instead)? It's beyond delish! Make “ya” tongue slap your brain good and it won't spike your blood sugar as high.


Success Story


Below find Qiana social media handles, website, and links to a few videos and a blog post.

T1DJ July Featured Spotlight

Qiana Drew


I was diagnosed at the age of 12 years old, now 18.

My passion is a driving force in my life and I will never allow a challenge to get in the way of achieving my dreams.  When I was diagnosed I knew  this challenge would be a part of my life. 

Antanique Lee-
Cincinnati, Ohio

I have had type 1 since age 7; diagnosed and treated at CCHMC. Today, I have an insulin pump to better control and 2 awesome  kids. It can definitely be helpful for people to see that with a little work,  life can be fairly normal for type 1's.

Christina Hood
Cincinnati, Ohio
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